Custom Prototyping and Engineering

Premium-Quality Custom Services

Caliber Metals’ capabilities – and our commitment to outstanding service – extend far beyond our standard product offerings. We are proud to offer custom prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing of specialized metal products, created to your exact specifications.

Unlike other leading metal forming companies, Caliber Metals has the precision tools, the skilled personnel and the commitment to excellence it takes to produce innovative, specialized products precisely suited to your use. Besides the full range of typical metal forming equipment, our large facility includes a custom CNC press brake capable of rapidly, accurately forming almost any specialized sheet metal component.

Of course, cutting-edge equipment is only as good as the people who operate it and design for it – and Caliber Metals has some of the best. Our highly experienced engineering, design, and production staff have the knowledge, skill, and commitment to craft needed to produce outstanding specialty work, and to do so quickly and efficiently.

  • Custom Architecture

    Innovative contemporary architecture often demands uniquely sized, cut, and formed metal components.

  • Specialty Structures

    Industrial and commercial facilities requiring unique fabrications can count on Caliber Metals to provide precision-tooled components precisely suited to their purposes.

  • Luxury Residential

    “Off the rack” products aren’t suited to the demands of today’s high-end home buyers. Visually stunning, durable custom metal work adds to luxury homes’ appeal and value.

  • Historic Restoration

    Caliber Metals can easily recreate period gutters, downspouts and more – including custom copper work.

caliber metals custom press brake and prototyping

Need a custom metal product? Ask the experts – us. We’ll be happy to provide you with a prompt quotation for custom forming, engineering, or prototyping services – and we’ll deliver a first-class finished product precisely suited to your needs. We’re happy to work from your finished designs, or if preferred, to consult with you to develop a proprietary design perfect for your use.

Caliber Confidentiality Guarantee

At Caliber Metals, our word is our bond – and your designs and trade secrets are safe with us. Custom builders and engineers know that they can count on Caliber Metals to maintain the strict confidentiality of their designs.