Metal Framing

Rock-Solid Metal Framing Solutions

Want to build it right? You want to use steel studs and related parts from Caliber Metals.

The Caliber Metals commitment to quality shows its worth in our line of drywall studs, structural studs, H-studs, furring channel, track and clips. Precisely measured, perfectly machined, expertly treated and made from high-grade heavy gauge steel, Caliber Metals studs are crafted for premium quality from the first stages of the manufacturing process.

Our AutoCad design experts develop precision custom tooling for our rollform mills, maintaining careful attention to detail throughout an extensive testing and development process. Expert setup personnel install new tooling and run prototypes, testing for deficiencies and correcting them prior to running prototypes. Full production runs are conducted by experienced machine experts who assess the quality of each stud, ensuring adherence to the strictest industry quality standards.

The result: Studs of absolutely uniform quality from one order to the next.
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Drywall Studs and Track

Structural Studs and Track
Furring Channel / Hat Track
H-Studs, Track and Breakaway Clips