Caliber Metals: Known For Being The Best

When it comes to the outstanding quality of our products and services, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve become well known as the go-to resource for premium-quality metal roofing and construction supplies throughout the construction industry – not just in Michigan, but throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Our list of satisfied clients and business partners is a virtual “who’s who” of the residential and commercial building trades. Why? Because leading companies know they can count on Caliber Metals to provide outstanding quality, service, and pricing – every time.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients and partners have had to say.

“Caliber Metals has been a valuable business partner for many years. They consistently manufacture premium quality roof edge products of the heavy gauge material demanded in the market we serve. Equally important is the consistent customer support we receive, including not only technical data, but also timely response to concerns regarding packaging, shipping, and any issues that have arisen.”—Marty Wolff, PrimeSource Building Products

Caliber Clients: The Best of the Best

As you can see, Caliber Metals is privileged to work with the leading names in the building materials trade. A few of our outstanding clients and partners are listed below:

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