About Caliber Metals

A Company Built To Last.

Just Like Our Products.

It takes a lot to survive in the competitive, cost-intensive U.S. metal products industry. Companies seem to come and go with each economic upswing or downturn. Established names find themselves unable to fend off challenges posed by importers and seemingly disappear overnight, are assimilated by other firms, or slowly fade away, leaving clients scrambling for new suppliers.

It takes something truly special to not just survive but thrive, and Caliber Metals has it.

Since 1988, Caliber Metals has been a leading supplier of premium-quality fabricated metal products to wholesale distributors throughout the Midwest. We’ve become widely known for our quality, reliability, service, and value, providing premium-grade metal roofing and framing products used in countless residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Our customers come back to Caliber Metals again and again for durable products that they can count on – and a level of attentive customer service that few other companies can match.

Founded In Friendship

Andy Ligda, Ned Cavallero and Bill Harber started Caliber Metals in Oak Park, Michigan in 1988 to supply aluminum and galvanized steel products to the residential and commercial building industry. With decades of experience in tooling design, manufacturing, and metal products sales, the new company hit the ground running, quickly establishing the reputation for quality and service that it continues to enjoy.

The popularity of Caliber’s signature heavy-gauge galvanized and aluminum roof edge propelled continued growth. The company continued to add trucks, rollform mills, and product lines. Having outgrown its Oak Park facility, Caliber moved to larger facilities in Clinton Township. By 2002, Caliber was helmed by the second generation of family leadership, maintaining its tradition of growth and innovation.

In 2004, Caliber launched a new product line: High-quality metal framing studs and accessories. Leveraging the industry’s leading design experts, Caliber developed a proprietary array of light gauge cold-formed metal studs, track, deep leg track, resilient channel, H-studs, and aluminum breakaway clips, further straining the capacity of its large production facilities. Caliber moved to a still larger facility in New Baltimore in 2011.

Caliber Metals Today

Today’s Caliber Metals has come a long way since its Oak Park beginnings: A vast 100,000 square foot production facility, top-line tooling and machines, a broad distribution area and a rock-solid distribution network have made the company a stable, successful enterprise. A close working relationship with a sister company, LTC, enables Caliber to provide an expanded range of products and specialized services to its clients.

Some things, however, never change—the principles that made Caliber Metals a success in the first place: Quality, value, innovation, and service remain the values at the company’s core and the foundation for its growth.