Specialty Products

Caliber Specialty Metal Products

Caliber Metals strives to serve the specialty needs of all of our clients. Beyond our standard roofing, siding and structural metal product lines, our versatile facility produces a broad range of specialized construction products made to meet a diverse range of needs. All are made with the same careful attention to quality and detail as our primary product lines.

Need a custom configuration, non-standard size, or replication of a vintage product for restoration purposes? It’s never a problem for us.

Copper Products

Caliber Metals is pleased to offer a line of precision-made, corrosion-resistant copper roofing and siding materials. Customers needing the beauty, versatility, and durability that copper affords can count on Caliber Metals to deliver. Just let us know what you need and one of our representatives will contact you to provide a competitive quote – and of course you can expect the same fast turnaround and high level of craftsmanship as with our standard products.

caliber metals specialty products